These are exciting times for emerging Washington, DC folk-rock collective The Deadmen.  Riding high on a swell of attention from their debut EP and subsequent 7″ record, The Deadmen’s much anticipated full-length is finally set for release.

The Deadmen’s surging appeal stems from the deft songwriting and shared vocals of Josh Read, Justin Jones and Justin Hoben.  ” I think we all have quite different writing styles, different ways of chewing the bone,” says Read.  ”No matter how close circumstance seems, we’re all going through different things.”  And yet, the three compliment each other to stunning affect; painting an American landscape of clattering thunder, gentle rains and shards of light.

The Deadmen’s debut full-length is due to be released June 6, 2017.  Complimented by John Scoops on bass, The Deadmen will tour North America this summer. “We have more than enough material,” says Hoben.  We’ll be bringing the music to the people, one way or another.”



Josh Read
guitar & vocals

Justin Jones
guitar & vocals

Justin Hoben
guitar & vocals

John Scoops